The break up


Spontex, an emblematic homecare brand, has a hedgehog for mascot who is a real star on social networks with more than 300 000 fans. The hedgehog is definitely an endorser but the Spontex sponges are totally ignored by fans. So, we would find a way to integrate the sponge to the center of the community without losing our hedgehog fans.


Spontex creates an interactive soap opera on Facebook. We imagined a break-up between the hedgehog and the sponge and we invited fans to help the hedgehog to take it back. They gave their tips, signed a petition and even left a vocal message on the sponge’s answering machine to convince her.


- Over 1,7 million people were exposed to their love affair for a total media investment of 700 €. - Over 30 000 direct interactions, thousands of likes and passionate comments. - Hundreds of calls received in less than 24 hours. - Engagement was multiplied by 3